Sense Studio was founded in 2007 by Creative Director, Vita Raykhman, and has thrived thanks to the contribution of numerous creative talents that have walked through our door over the years.

We have core brands that we work with and are devoted to. We rarely expand our client list. And so if you are wondering about services you can stop because it is actually unlikely we will take your project.

Exceptions do apply to really interesting projects that come with a pile of cash


 sense team in abc order ︎


Morgan Bourdeau 

Senior Packaging Graphic Designer

Rory King


Hyosun Kim

Intermediate Graphic Designer

Austin Klein

Senior Creative Producer

Colette Kocek

Junior Packaging Designer

Brenden Lovejoy

Associate Art Director

Jaden McMahon

Junior Packaging Designer

Cynthia Membreno

Photo and Video Production Artist

Vita Raykhman

Creative Director

Jess Richmond

Photographer & Video

Lena Shkoda

Photographer & Videographer and Editor

Aimee Sy

Digital Art Director

Shivani Toshniwal

Digital Designer

300 Meserole St # 3, Brooklyn, NY 11206